Suicide – 1/2 Alive


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“Half-Alive consists of live tracks circa 1978, plus a hand full of unreleased lo-fi studio gems from 1974-1975. Suicide warrant legend status. They found their most fertile reception outside America in the form of Soft Cell, Woodentops, Spacemen 3, Sigue Sigue Sputnik. They should have been the American “Kraftwerk.” -Spin Alternative Record Guide

“Suicide’s acid triggered visions from the NOO YOIK gutters. Electro-boogie rears its psychic-savage walking bass head.” (Sounds UK (FOUR STARS)) — (Sounds UK)

“Unadulterated passion. These tracks recorded from 74-78 blast a whole cesspool of sound and vision.” — Boston Rock

“ahead of their time…a link to rock n’roll tradition, with a form of controversial art performance on stage.” — Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of RN’R


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